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    How writing affects the brain: an infographic


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    5 Things To Do With Broken Eyeshadow | Oh The Lovely Things

    There’s nothing worse than the feeling when you drop your favourite cake eyeshadow. You just know when you pick it up that it’s going to be a sad, crumbly mess. But don’t despair! OTLT has five fantastic solutions, from fixing it to making eyeliner. Click through for all five!


  4. One day i’ll find the Clark Kent to my Lois lane, the Peter Parker to my M.J., the Chuck to my Sarah, the Doctor to my Tardis, and the Arthur to my Merlin.


  5. Benefits of Coffee!!


    - can decrease risk of developing type 2 diabetes
    - lower risk of heart problems and stroke
    - can inhibit the growth of cancer cells
    - 1 cup of black coffee has only 7 calories

    Just thought i’d share for all you coffee lovers :D

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    San Francisco based illustrator Lisa Congdon has designed a new journal filled with inspiring quotes from the masters of photography. Inside are 128 lined pages dotted with typeset quotations and loads of artwork. 

    You can pick up a copy of the journal over at Compendium

    Journal With Typeset Quotes From the Masters of Photography

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    Lomography Tag of the Day - bridge